March 2024 Read-A-Thon

March 1-31, 2024In honor of National Reading Month, Lauren's House is hosting our fourth annual read-a-thon!

  • What are our goals for this Read-A-Thon?

    In March 2024, Lauren's House aims to: ● Raise $2,000 ($1 for every 5 minutes read)● Read 10,000 minutes ● Involve 25+ students and parents
    Scroll below to see how close we are to meeting our fundraising goals!

  • How will students and parents participate?

    Students and parents of our after-school program will participate in the read-a-thon to increase fun reading time and quality family bonding time.
    We will encourage all 12 of our students to participate and at least one parent per student to read with their child. If we meet our funding and reading goals, we will host a pizza party and ice cream social to celebrate!
    GUIDELINES● Our goal is for students to read at least 20 minutes per day every day in March (31 days).● Of the daily 20 minutes, we aim for parents to read with their child for 10 minutes each day● Every day, students and parents will track their minutes read and submit a daily log via Google Forms. We will summarize and report weekly progress every Sunday.

  • What will the money from this fundraiser go towards?

    The money raised will go towards three objectives:● Reading Program: Transitioning to a more comprehensive, individualized Reading Skills Program offered by the Institute of Reading Development (roughly $4,400 for 20 students to participate for three months)● More Full-Time Tutors: Hiring two in-person, college-level tutors to tutor eight hours per week for $16.70/hour (roughly $1,100/month for two tutors)● Programming Space: Securing building space from Girls' Club (roughly $2,000/month)
    Lauren's House staff is entirely volunteer-based. None of the proceeds will go towards staff stipends.


  • What accountability tactics are we using to record minutes read?

    Students will fill out their Google Form daily reading log with a Lauren's House tutor, schoolteacher, or parent.
    If students read by themselves on their own time, they will summarize what they read to Lauren's House tutors the next time they come in for programming. The tutor will then fill out the daily log with the student to record minutes read.
    Once the read-a-thon concludes, each participating student will type up a short three-paragraph report that covers the following:● A summary of what books/sections they have read● What they learned (e.g., new vocabulary words)● Their favorite parts of the books
    The students' reports will be published on our website!

  • What types of books can participants read?

    During the after-school program, tutors will encourage students to read grade-level books. Parents and students can read any book of their choice in any language on their own time (e.g., Spanish). The lack of restrictions is to create a fun reading atmosphere!

  • Where can I see the results of how much students and parents have read?

    A log of students and parents' reading progress (minutes read, title and author of books read, amount of family bonding time) will be uploaded here every Sunday, beginning on March 10, 2024. Once the read-a-thon concludes, we will post our achievements on our website!